Corporate and Educational Training
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Join the Revolution in Corporate Training with Digital Videos!

Are you training and educating your staff in the most effective way?

Corporate and Sales Training Videos are Perfect for:

  • Employee development and education
  • Ensuring clear and consistent training methods
  • Maximizing your training budget
  • Keeping employees updated, engaged and motivated

Training video distribution has no limits. Videos can be:

  • Posted on your Company’s intranet for online training
  • Load content and distribute on a USB flash drive or burn to a DVD
  • Placed in custom client training kits
  • Uploaded to YouTube and other social media sites
  • Enhance live training presentations

Videos are Useful in Every Department

  • Human Resources can use video for new employee orientation, providing information on company policies, benefits, investment options for retirement, corporate culture and company history.
  • EHS Safety Operations informs employees through videos of the company's safety standards and procedures. Video makes it easier to provide personnel in the field with consistent and up-to-the-minute training. Reduce accidents, protect employees and minimize liability and expenditure.
  • Sales Training videos teach the best sales methods, provide consistency in selling techniques and establish a corporate identity and standard.
  • Instructional. These "How To" videos are a delightful way of showing, not telling, how to use your product or service correctly. Subjects can include cooking, children's health and safety, playing sports, doing a particular exercise, playing a musical instrument and much more.
  • Corporate Seminar videos increase your audience by providing a professional video production of your seminar presentations. They're a great way of sharing your seminar with clients, employees, and associates who might not have been able to attend a training session in person.
  • Accreditation videos combined with a certification questionnaire make it possible to upgrade your employee training in a flexible format that won't take your most valuable people away from work at critical times.
  • Other Types of corporate videos include compliance training, ethics, business continuity, and related topics.
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