Instructional/How To Videos
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Video is the "How To" Resource of Choice

Does your business involve teaching or instructing? Training others in your specialization? Do you have a special talent to share with the next generation?

If so, ”How To” videos are a great way to:

  • Teach employees How To install products
  • How To service or maintain products
  • How To sell your products or service to clients

Show how to improve your golf swing or play an instrument. Demonstrate a critical first aid procedure or show children a fun new way to wash their hands.

Zoom in on those critical techniques and winning moves that will elevate your viewers above the competition.

Instructional Videos for Every Need

A video presentation is a professional and practical way to capture your expertise.

  • Healthcare. Nurses, medical therapists, first responders and other medical professionals will benefit from videos teaching aspects of health, nutrition, medical and safety procedures, first aid, emergency practices and therapies.
  • Sports. We work with all sports, including golf, basketball, football, tennis, soccer, and more.
  • Exercise and Physical Training. Includes aerobics, weight-training, yoga, cardio rehab and sports conditioning.
  • Children. Teaching with video content can be educational and effective both online and in the classroom. Video help provide consistency, helping make sure each class gets the same lesson. Video makes a great teacher!
  • Music. Teach individuals how to play, read music, purchase an instrument and maintain and care for the instruments they already own.
  • Cooking. Show how to prepare your favorite recipes. Video is a great way of preserving family holiday traditions or ethnic favorites. With video you can star in your own cooking show.

At NPV, our videos help you provide the instructional techniques that fulfill the "how to" needs of your viewers.

The superior quality of our videos also reflects back on you, providing a tremendous first impression. You'll be seen as an expert from the very first frame to the last! Contact us today to learn more.
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Corporate and Educational Training

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